HDMI Cables From Great Selection of Electronics

HDMI is the short form of the High-Definition Multimedia Interface. It is the best industry-supported, uncompressed, and all-digital audio/video interface. Currently every new TV is outfitted from connectors of this cable. Generally, HDMI cable provides cabling through delivering all types of digital audio and video only via single cable and helps to customers with the largest quality home theatre experience. Through this cable you can get all-in-one technology of cable that involves the biggest possible resolution and also sound quality with best interface.

In a simple language, HDMI cable is a compressed audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed digital data. It provides an interface between any source of audio or video like a set-top box, DVD player, or A/V receiver, a digital television (DTV), over a single cable. One good advantage of this interface is that all latest and new versions are backwards compatible with old versions. It can be utilized as digital alternative to consumer analog standards, for examples radio frequency (RF) coaxial cable, SCART, composite video, S-Video, D-Terminal, component HDMI Cable in Australia video, etc. This multimedia interface implements the EIA/CEA-861 standards that describe video formats and waveforms, transport of compressed, uncompressed, and LPCM audio, auxiliary data, and so on.

HDMI cable supports any uncompressed TV or PC video format that includes standard, improved and high-definition video and up to 8 channels of compact or uncompressed digital audio, only on a single cable. It also supports a Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) connection; and an Ethernet data connection with a single cable. This CEC allows all devices of HDMI to control each other whenever it is required and also allows the operator to operate multiple devices with single remote control handset. The specification of this cable defines the protocols, signals, electrical interfaces and mechanical requirements of the standard with different purposes. The HDMI connection can be single-link (type A/C) or dual-link (type B) with the video pixel rate of 25 MHz to 340 MHz for a single-link connection and 25 MHz to 680 MHz for any dual-link connection. One can select the high speed cables of hdmi with lengths of 25 feet or standard cables with lengths up to 131feet!Both will provide best quality of a picture on your HDTV.

HDMI is developed by association of leading media distributors and consumer electronics manufacturers, including Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, Philips, Hitachi and others and has been widely famous for its 3d support, audio return channel, 4k x 2k resolution support, and maximum color spaces through its highest quality cables.

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