Highest DPS Hunter Raiding Builds For Patch 3.3

Most of you are anxious to raid the Ice Crown Citadel in the Fall of the Lich King patch 3.3 and you’re looking for the best Hunter talent build you can find to use, well, I’m going to give you the main specs that are used in Raiding and you can tweak them from there.

Beast Mastery

Beast Mastery is rarely ever used for raiding, however, I’m still going to provide you with the best spec that has been tested out there.

53/14/4 – Highest DPS Beast Mastery Raiding Build Patch 3.3
Pet Choice: Devilsaur
Shot Rotation Priority: Kill Shot -> Serpent Sting -> Multi-Shot -> Steady Shot

That’s it, it’s actually very simple, but I doubt you’ll want to raid as a Beast Mastery Hunter. Depending on your playstyle you can move the 1 point in catlike reflexes into Improved Tracking.


This build is usually the most popular raiding build for Hunters out there. It allows for a high output of DPS while you are working on building up your raid gear, once you have a decent set of gear, most Hunters will switch to Marksmanship but this build is great for a Hunter that is gearing up or even one that is fully geared.

5/15/51 – Highest DPS Survival Hunter Talent Build Patch 3.3
Pet Choice: Wolf (for buff)
Shot Rotation Priority: Kill Shot -> Explosive Shot -> Serpent Sting -> Black Arrow -> Aimed Shot -> Steady Shot

This shot rotation get’s a little bit more complex and also situational. This is the recommended shot rotation order, but honestly I do it a bit differently. I usually open up with Black Arrow, then Serpent Sting, Explosive Shot, Aimed Shot, Steady Shot. I try to time my Aimed Shot to hit just before I launch Explosive shots.

I also do not use this build on my Hunter, I use a 0/18/53. I moved all the points out of Improved Aspect of the Hawk and 안전토토사이트 put them into Improved Stings and Hunting Party for replenishment because I don’t always raid. You can tweak this to how you play.


Marksmanship is typically used by higher geared Hunter’s that stack a lot of haste. It seems to underperform Survival builds without high end gear, but Survival doesn’t seem to scale as well as Marksmanship. It’s also a little bit different of a play style.

Highest DPS Marksmanship Hunter Talent Build Patch 3.3
Pet Choice: Wolf (for buffs)
Shot Rotation Priority: Kill Shot -> Serpent Sting -> Aimed Shot -> Chimera Shot -> Steady Shot

Remember that when you use Chimera Shot it automatically refreshes your Serpent Sting. This shot rotation is almost as boring as the Beast Mastery rotation, but hey it works. You can also throw in Arcane Shot if you’re bored, it’s going to depend on your gear and how good you are at pressing buttons. I’ve not seen many variations of this Marksmanship Build, but I’m sure you can be creative and figure something out.

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