3 Killer Secrets to Really Make Money Online With Google AdWords

Google AdWords is something most people know something about (a pay-per click advertising platform). It can create millionaires who really make money online or, if you do not know what you are doing, can make people bankrupt.

How do you tap into the awesome power of one of the world’s largest and most powerful online advertising mediums and make a profit?

With Google AdWords as in most advertising, it is all abbot ROI (return on investment).  You need to spend money to make money, and preferably spend more than you are making.  IF you get it right, you pay a few bucks to get 40 or 50 back. Good profit right? How about making that everyday? Here are 3 killer secrets to really make money online with Google AdWords to get you started and making a killer profit, even if you are a newbie…

1. Use good SEO in both your ads and landing pages

Make sure that they are in the ad title, ad description. URL (every word should be in capitals eg: HowToDoATitle.com), in the landing page meta description and also in the body of the landing page (ideally about once every 100 or so words.) Of course the text needs to make sense. You need to get really good quality score from Google, which will reduce the cost of the click on the keyword, hence reducing your cost.

2. Have You Taken a Look at the Content Network?

This offers you a lower cost per click. The content network has thousands of Google’s partner websites. Keywords superslot trigger the ads in the content network d based on the content of the website or Blog. The content is matched with the appropriate keywords. All these sites are high traffic sites and there is a lot of high relevance as the content of your ads is matched to the content on the sites that show the ads. Hence the opportunity for a good ROI is that much higher. The biggest advantage is that the click cost is ALOT lower.

3. Use Split Testing Frequently

Quality score from Google comes from how many clicks your ad gets. By split testing your ads with different variations and copy you can test the click-through rate. Google has a simple split testing function that allows you to easily setup many ads to run with the same keywords and once live, you can see which ad copy is getting the most clicks. Dump the poor performing ads and test ad improve the winning ad.

It’s a reality that you have to out in some work to get an effective campaign in Google AdWords and really make money online. This is no click and get rich scheme! Monitoring and tweaking every stage will improve your bottom line – ROI.


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