How to Generate Tons of Traffic to Your Site by Using Public Domain Publishing

It’s a problem every internet marketer faces on a daily basis. You may have the best website in your niche market, you may have high quality products at bargain prices, you may have spent time, effort and money getting your site out there, but without traffic, it’s all pointmess!

So one of the important issues debated through countless blog posts, forum discussion groups and slick ‘solution based marketing’ gurus is this: ‘how do I get people to visit my site?’

One of the most successful ways of getting traffic to your site is to create hundreds of backlinks from other website pointing back to your sales page. So article writing, regular blog posts, joining in debates on forums and discussion groups, social networking and linking to social bookmarking sites are all great ways of creating backlinks. Of course, you need good quality material for your articles and these can be obtained by using works in the public domain that refer to your chosen niche. Apart from the time and effort involved, this method is highly cost effective.

Make Sure Your Content Is Original

In order to rank high in the search engines you need lots of original content. This drives the little bots wild with excitement and if you update your content regularly, they will have a party! If won’t happen overnight, so be patient. But this is definitely one of the best ways to get your site noticed and your products out there. Having good keywords dotted around your articles and blogposts is also crucial because  quietum plus these will also be picked up by the search engine bots. At one time the use of metatags was the big rage. That’s when you place your keys words in the HTML code of all your web pages. However, the bots are far more interested in relevant and original content placed on your site.

Even though it is perfectly legal to use works you get from the public domain as is, that is, without changing or updating them, in the long run, it won’t be very useful. Let’s be honest, there are a lot of lazy internet marketers who think they are going to become instantly rich by simply publishing duplicate content on the internet. Either they are naive or crazy, because the bots know all about our funny ways and pick up duplicate content in no time at all subsequently removing your pages from the search engine’s index. That’s why it is crucial that you make public domain content your own, that is, you tweak it, update it, add your own content, that is, make it unique.

Article Marketing

You can tweak public domain books or other writings and get dozens of articles that you can then submit to article directories. With a link back to your site in the resource box, you’ll undoubtedly drive massive traffic to your site using this method. Think quality, though. If your articles sound just like every other article posted on the article directories, no one will read far enough to get to the resource box.

While writing articles from material culled from the public domain is easier than writing them from scratch, you still want to do your best work, so spend time editing, rewriting, suplementing and using personal illustrations to support your work.

Post Articles at Revenue Sharing Sites

You can also post articles at revenue sharing sites that you get from information you cull from the public domain. Not all of them will let you post links but most of them have a profile page or resource box that you can use to point visitors back to your site. In addition, with some of these sites, you can build up quite a bit in passive income once you have a large amount of articles on the site. Again, make these articles unique and interesting. Just one public domain book could net you dozens and dozens of articles that could earn you big money!

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