Health Supplements For Diabetes

Diabetes maintenance can be extremely difficult for the patient, there are several different health supplements for diabetes which will help maintain insulin and blood sugar levels, if used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. Before beginning any new supplement, exercise program or diet- please consult with your physician. It’s a good idea to work with a physician to help maintain your insulin and blood sugar levels, and to help control diabetes in general. Diabetes can be deadly, so if at any point- regardless of whether you are using traditional medicine or alternative remedies- your symptoms worsen, then please contact your physician immediately! New, different, or an increase in symptoms could mean your condition is worsening.

As far as some general herbal health supplements for Reversirol diabetes, there are several out there that will help control blood sugar, insulin levels, and increase your body’s ability to properly use insulin. Chromium is a wonderful supplement, often used in the form of “chromium picolinate” for weight loss, but when used for supplementing for diabetes, Chromium makes your body’s cells more sensitive to insulin, which will help your body make proper use of insulin. A lot of people with Type 2 Diabetes have a chromium deficiency, which makes the symptoms of diabetes less once Chromium is started in most people.

Evening Primrose Oil is a good herbal remedy for one of the most common complications of diabetes, called “neuropathy.” When a person with diabetes has difficulty converting linoleic acid into GLA, circulation problems result because GLA deficiency causes less oxygen to reach the nerves in a person’s neurosystem. Evening Primrose oil helps with this because Evening Primrose oil is a direct source of GLA. It is for this reason that Evening Primrose Oil is one of the best health supplements for diabetes. It’s suspected that taking Evening Primrose Oil before symptoms of neuropathy caused by diabetes start, will actually help prevent diabetes-related neuropathy.

Other good herbal supplements include aloe vera (the juice or capsules containing aloe powder), antioxidants (commonly found in capsule or pill form, or even in tea form), burdock, biotin, coenzyme Q10, dandelion (found in tea or capsule/caplet form, most common is the tea form), DHEA, fiber, ginseng, l-carnitine, magnesium, onions, vitamins C and E. There are many health supplements for diabetes, and several of the herbal remedies have been known to be very effective. It’s just important to remember, before starting any kind of supplement or medication- whether herbal or traditional- consult with your physician and a naturopath before beginning any new supplements.

Just like traditional medications and treatments, herbal remedies can- and do- interact with one another and also with traditional medications. The best way to control diabetes is with your physician’s guidance, educating yourself, and by making sure you take care of your general over-all health and well-being. A balanced diet, exercise, and education are the best health suppliments for diabetes that there are. Follow the advice of your physician and/or a naturopath to determine which other supplements or herbal remedies are right for you.

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