Home Remedies For Yeast Infection – Finding a Quick Solution

There are many home remedies for yeast infection that have been handed down over the years. Some of them can be bought over the counter. Also a lot are available in articles and books that can be obtained online. Here are some important considerations.

If a doctor is consulted early in the onset of a yeast infection, this diagnosis may enable your adviser to prescribe medication which is not as strong as would be required for a more advanced case. In this instance a treatment which is obtained over the counter may well be adequate. These are available in the form of creams which can be applied locally to the infection or in a form such as a pill or elixir which can be taken orally.

More often doctors will advise a remedy that can be applied directly to the fungal infection as this starts to work immediately upon its application. As well, this form of treatment is likely to have fewer side effects than those remedies which are taken internally. In particular, there is less chance of an unwanted interaction with any other supplement or medication that is being taken.

The convenience of pills, tablets, lozenges and other treatments which act internally, and are swift and easy to apply, cannot be overlooked. It is also important to let your doctor know if there are keravita pro any unexpected or unusual reactions as a result of the prescribed treatment.

If it is decided to use a home remedy for yeast infection, here are a few that are well regarded :

1. Garlic Juice which is obtained from the crushed bulb and mixed with some aloe juice is considered to repel the infection whilst at the same time the mixture has a healing effect on skin tissue that may have been damaged. Adding aloe to garlic also tends to mask the smell of garlic juice as in its natural state garlic can be easily detected and this is not always desired.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar is also a common home remedy for yeast infection. This is not the same as white vinegar or that made from red wine. Apple cider vinegar has antitoxins which are believed to weaken the infection so that the body’s natural immunity to infections can function more effectively to eliminate the problem. This vinegar also contains vitamins which can help any damaged skin areas to restore health, balance and elasticity.

3. Controlling Sugar Intake. The fungus is known to thrive in conditions associated with high sugar levels, as is usually the case with those who suffer from diabetes or other defects with metabolizing sugar. As well foods, such as sweets, pastries and desserts, because of their sugar content, may aggravate the condition. Removing these from your diet can assist treatments aimed at controlling yeast infections.

4. Yogurt contains beneficial forms of yeast and this can be applied both internally and ingested as a special treat.

Although home remedies may be beneficial, it is wise to consult your physician before undertaking any self-prescribed treatment. This also helps to ensure that the existing condition doesn’t require stronger medication and that the ailment doesn’t develop further and spread. Also, this condition is infectious and can be spread by sexual contact.

If you decide to proceed with herbal or other home remedies for yeast infection, consulting a professional herbalist, naturopath, or homeopathic physician will enable you to find the best applications and learn how to use them.

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