Flat Belly Diet, What’s It All About?

The flat belly diet is the latest planned diet to hit the market and true to form, has been accompanied with the requisite number of marketing agents, book signings and promotional DVD special offers and one cannot help but feel a distinct sense of déjà vu in relation to the flat belly diet seeing as we have been subject to gimmick diet plans for as far back as the mind can stretch. Given that it is a newly founded plan, the jury is still out as to the relative worth of the program although it has been met with some mixed reviews from the experts.

A common stereotype that is associated with these gimmick diet plans is that they tend to pick a food type seemingly at random and then demonize it beyond all measure, treating it as if it were the dietary version of uranium or arsenic. These particular types of diet plans are exploiting a very cynical rule indeed: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

The ancient emperor Caligula was renowned for finding assassination attempts and political dissidents among okinawa flat belly tonic the gentry of Rome with the Christians being especially firm favorites. The hapless victims served as nothing more than an object of ridicule, abuse and aggression upon which the plebs could vent their anger and there is more than a few hallmarks of Caligula’s actions with these diet plans as they arbitrarily choose a food type and ban it, or blame it for all your weight loss problems.

What makes the flat belly diet especially attractive is that moderation is a cardinal virtue within it, and so the dieter who is following the requirements of it does not need to contend with the dilemma of how to cope with the deprivation of their favorite treats, for the flat belly diet simply requires that they moderate consumption. Dieters are given a daily calorie sore which they should not exceed, but the manner in which they reach that score is entirely up to them.

However, the flat belly diet has drawn some criticism from medical professionals and nutritionists alike on the basis that it is potentially misleading consumers and dieters about the nature of the diet, as the diet seems to claim that it provides the only way to effectively remove belly fat directly. This is currently not possible, although there has been a great deal of research devoted to this topic.

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